Addiction & Recovery


At Therapeutic Oasis, we hold the belief that humans have inherent wisdom and the capacity to heal and grow through any challenge, including addiction recovery. We also believe that people are always doing the best they can, AND that they can do better. Our recovery services begin with this strengths-based assumption, and include interventions that aim to both decrease dangerous and risky behaviors while also increasing hope, empowerment and prosocial behaviors that set people on the path towards their life worth living.

What is Addiction?

Engaging in substance or alcohol abuse or other activities that have become compulsive (shopping, sex, gambling) can result in a person’s life becoming unmanageable, with serious consequences to their health, relationships, and employment. 

Addiction can not only destroy the lives of individuals, but also extends to family and friends. Cultivating connection and rebuilding relationships are essential components of addiction recovery, and can serve as a protective factor towards future recovery challenges or potential relapse. At Therapeutic Oasis we strive to engage both family and community in treatment planning and services for these reasons, and offer opportunities for involvement at various stages of treatment. From family therapy and coaching to psychoeducational classes to opportunities to learn interpersonal skills, our services aim to help the client build a strong foundation of trusting and safe relationships.

Treatment for Addiction

We believe addiction is a function of both environmental and biological factors, and our treatment programming incorporates interventions that address these challenges from a trauma-informed and nonjudgmental perspective. Our treatment

  • is compatable with DBT
  • incorporates the principles of mindfulness-based and somatic interventions
  • is both skills based and also relational
  • balances abstinence and harm-reduction approaches
  • is unique for each individual
  • focuses on clarity, compassion and connection