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Child & Teen Therapy

Your child deserves a fighting chance.
Therapeutic Oasis can help.

When your child is in pain, the whole family suffers. Early intervention is crucial, as childhood issues can escalate rapidly.  Our highly trained team of professionals have years of experience working with children and teens of all ages. Our compassionate team of licensed therapists creates a trusting relationship with your child, building a safe and protective environment that fosters healing and growth.  At Therapeutic Oasis, children and families are treated as a whole, and provided with resources to help support children at home to ensure long-term success.

Contact one of our Intake Coordinators today. Tell us more about your concerns and together we will help your child become the healthy, self-confident person they deserve to be.


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    Treatment for Children and Teens at Therapeutic Oasis

    • Individual and Group Therapy
    • Intensive Programs
    • Skilled Child Therapists
    • DBT Trained Therapists
    • Treatment for Children ages 5-18
    • Nutrition Therapy/Coaching
    • Team Approach to Treatment
    • Trauma Sensitive Environment
    • Family Therapy & Support
    We treat a variety of conditions from simple to complex including:

    Eating Disorders
    Autism & Spectrum Disorders

    Behavioral Issues
    Disordered Eating
    Developmental Disorders
    Substance Abuse

    Two Convenient Locations


    Near Yamato & Congress
    851 Broken Sound Pkwy NW, #250
    Boca Raton, FL 33487


    Near Military & Donald Ross
    600 Heritage Dr., #130
    Jupiter, FL 33458

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