Disordered Eating


What is Disordered Eating?

Disordered Eating is descriptive of erratic or varied eating patterns that may not be defined by an eating disorder diagnosis.  Despite this, the behaviors can be disruptive to a healthful and balanced relationship with food, often consuming significant time and attention.

Symptoms of Disordered Eating:

  • Patterns of frequent or yo-yo dieting, eliminating certain foods or meal restriction.
  • Chronic weight cycling
  • Rules and rigid routines surrounding food and exercise.
  • Feelings of regret, fear, guilt and shame around eating.
  • Spending time hyper-focused on food, body image and weight.
  • Feeling out of control in many situations involving food, which may include restriction, emotional eating or binge eating.
  • Using food or exercise in a way to compensate or control food eaten.