Oasis Therapeutic Outpatient Program for Eating Disorders

Given the complex nature of an eating disorder, treatment requires a unified approach from a multi-disciplinary team of professionals. Our entire treatment staff is equipped to deal with not only eating disorders but also with the behaviors, disorders and conditions that often co-exist, including addiction, mood and anxiety disorders, PTSD, trauma, and personality disorders. Our team has specialized training in each of these fields so as to ensure each client the highest level of care. We also have access to a network of Board Certified Psychiatrists and Internal Medicine Specialists who can manage any medical issues if necessary.

Treatment for Eating Disorders at the Oasis is intensive psychotherapy. We are not just focused on symptom management because we believe that if the issues underlying an eating disorder are not fully resolved, relapse is imminent. As such, each client works intensively with an individual therapist in order to explore core beliefs, environmental influences, and emotional drives at the root of the eating disorder. At the Oasis we recognize the complexities of an eating disorder, and understand that treatment is lengthy in nature. We are equipped to address your needs on a long-term basis even after completion of our intensive eating disorder program.

Client’s entering the Oasis Program for Eating Disorders can anticipate the following:

  • A comprehensive psychological and nutritional intake
  • Referral and collaboration with medical and psychiatric professionals
  • Personalized psychotherapy and nutritional treatment plan
  • Individual nutrition therapy
  • Individual, couples and family therapy
  • Supportive meal groups in a natural setting
  • Intimate and safe group therapies
  • Expressive therapies, including dance movement and art therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Clinical Enrichment groups and activities
  • Weekly clinical case consultation meetings
  • Ongoing communication

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