Group Therapy at Oasis

Through our supportive and cohesive group therapy program, clients begin to heal their wounds in a safe, non‐judgmental environment. Many of our clients comment on how the group therapy process has allowed them to feel less isolated in their struggles. For many, their group experience is often the first time in their lives that they feel as if others can relate to and identify with the issues that brought them to treatment. Our groups also help clients build interpersonal mastery and provide them an avenue to resolve conflicts in a healthy and healing way. We have seen clients flourish in group therapy, as they learn for perhaps the first time to trust and share without fear of shame or judgment. Therapeutic Oasis offers a wide variety of groups tailored to each individual’s specific needs. After meeting with your individual therapist, a personalized group therapy program will be designed just for you. Some of the groups we offer include:

DBT Skills Group

Our Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Group teaches you to live your life in a mindful way.  Participants learn valuable skills to help regulate emotions, handle distress, and decrease interpersonal conflict.  Participants will work on the four modules of DBT: Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Distress Tolerance, and Emotion Regulation.

DBTeen Group

DBTeen offers age appropriate curriculum that combines DBT skills and inquiry-based learning.  Teens not only learn valuable DBT skills, but have the opportunity to bond with peers. This program accommodates local school schedules and includes a parent group component, Middle Path, which runs concurrently with the teen group.

Middle Path

Parents often wonder how to best support their children in difficult times. In this group, parents will become educated about the therapeutic process. They will have a place to engage with other parents in a supportive environment, allowing them to feel supported and empowered as they navigate the recovery process with their child. Parents will not only learn how to support their child, but also learn essential self-care.

Women’s Process Group

Women’s Process Group provides a caring and supportive space where women can bond with one another and embark on their journey toward self‐discovery. This group offers a place where women can build female relationships, laugh and have fun, support one another with compassion, and learn from the wisdom of others.

Nutrition/Meal Support Groups

Through our mindful eating model, clients begin to connect with the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that feed their disordered eating process. Our extensively trained nutritionist and staff help support, encourage and guide clients as they begin their journey to cultivating a new relationship with food.

Expressive Groups

Our expressive and experiential groups utilize imagery, dance, music, psychodrama, poetry, storytelling, movement and visual arts to foster growth and healing.