Testing Services

Testing Services

Understanding where you are is always the first step on your journey.

What are the benefits of psychological testing?

There are a number of reasons you may request an evaluation for your child. Whether you are seeking clarity for your child’s educational professionals or for yourselves, we offer comprehensive evaluations that can help determine important information about your child’s developmental, cognitive, academic and/or psychosocial functioning. These evaluations are helpful when answering questions regarding your child’s overall developmental profile and learning styles (including strengths and weaknesses), as well as being valuable to the understanding of his or her emotional and behavioral functioning.

Testing.... the Oasis way

At Therapeutic Oasis, comprehensive evaluations are administered and reviewed by experienced psychologists. Tests are individualized and include the latest available psychological tests and testing methods. Our testing experts thoroughly review, interpret and compile the results into an extensive written report – presented to you in a manner that is understandable, with practical information and useful suggestions. Best of all, we are able to provide results in days, not weeks. Expertly conducted tests and accurate results will help to guide your child on the best path towards confidence and success.


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    Testing Services at Therapeutic Oasis:

    Psycho-Educational Assessments

    • School Age children and college students
    • Identify educational strengths and weaknesses
    • Needed to obtain IEP Accommodations
    • Identify learning disabilities

    Gifted Assessments

    • For placement in a school gifted program

    ADHD Testing

    • Specific testing to identify ADHD
    Autism Spectrum Testing
    • Specific testing to identify Autism Spectrum disorders

    Psycho-Educational Re-evaluations

    Psychological Testing
    • Specialized assessments for diagnostic purposes and treatment planning

    Specialized Assessments Based on Individual Needs

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