DBT Program at Oasis

The outpatient DBT Program at Therapeutic Oasis of the Palm Beaches is geared toward individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to treatment and agree to participate in all three components of the program. Individuals in our program can continue employment, school, and normal daily activities. In fact, it is our mission to help individuals integrate DBT skills into their everyday life. Our DBT program adheres to the strict DBT protocol outlined by Marsha Linehan, the founder of DBT.  All of our therapists are intensively trained by Behavioral Tech, LLC.

Many people have heard of the research and successful outcomes associated with DBT.  Before starting the program at Oasis, our team will assess and work with those interested in DBT treatment to determine readiness and commitment prior to placement in a program. Participants are asked to commit to a minimum of six months of DBT skills training, weekly individual therapy, and phone coaching.  Outcome studies suggest that one year of comprehensive and consistent DBT therapy produces the best results.  Many of our clients complete additional rounds of skills training prior to graduation from the program in order to completely integrate the skills into their daily life.

People who have participated in the DBT Program at Therapeutic Oasis have reported unbelievable changes in their life. Many clients are eager to share the story of their transformation with newcomers in the DBT Skills Group. They cannot imagine life without DBT.

DBT Treatment Program Components

Individual Therapy

Participants meet one to two times weekly with their individual DBT therapist for therapy sessions that target specific areas or events that are explored in depth based on the hierarchy of goals agreed upon.

DBT Skills Group

The core of DBT is a two hour group attended weekly for 24 weeks to learn and develop skills in four core areas:

Our groups are taught in a classroom format following a series of lesson plans that include homework, in-group assignments, and review.  We currently offer the following DBT Skills Groups:

  • Adult DBT: Our traditional 24 week DBT program is led by Dr. Patricia Shutt and Dr. Nicole Friedman, both of whom have facilitated DBT skills for many years as a team. As clients move through the stages of DBT treatment, they experience a decrease in behaviors that diminish their quality of life.
  • Advanced DBT:  This group is suitable for clients who have successfully completed the full 24 week program and wish to continue building skills.
  • DBTeen:  Our DBTeen program offers age appropriate curriculum which combines DBT skills and inquiry-based learning.  The weekly skills group is facilitated by Ashley Leising, LMHC and Stephanie Burstein, LMFT.  This program accommodates local school schedules and includes a parent group component, Middle Path, which runs concurrently with the teen group.
  • WISE-UP and DBTween:  Our DBT inspired youth programs presents core DBT skills into a kid-friendly package that promotes creativity and engages the wise mind.
Phone Coaching

Phone coaching is not “phone therapy”. It is an opportunity for clients to get real-time support for the application of their newly learned skills and to receive assistance in identifying the most effective skill to use when in a highly emotional state. The phone contact is brief, structured, and intended to support the work done in individual therapy and DBT skills group.

Qualified Professional Team

Our intensively trained DBT therapists also meet weekly in a consultation group to maintain the highest standards of DBT application. The meeting is focused on elevating the therapeutic knowledge of the team as a whole and to enhance the DBT experience of our clients.

In addition to the DBT program at Therapeutic Oasis of the Palm Beaches, we also offer a variety of well-researched and highly effective treatment approaches. Our expert staff members are trained in EMDR, trauma resolution therapies, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). We also have advanced certifications and training in the treatment of addiction and eating disorders.

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