Summer time! Kids can enjoy camp, playing outside, and down time.. LOTS of down time! Down time which turns into “boredom” which turns into “Can I use your phone?!” There are more than enough apps to keep kids preoccupied, however some give your children a little more than entertainment.

Here is a list of some apps to download today!

  1. Super Hero Comic Book Maker (Duck Duck Moose) – Imagination and creativity are key in childhood development. Creativity is a great outlet for ideas and emotions, it allows for expression of how they are feeling and an outlet for coping with every day stressors. It also helps children create problem solving skills and self expression!
  2. My Underwear (Thumb Arcade) This app is great for self directed play! It is goofy, colorful, and interactive, perfect for younger kids! The memory games, matching games, and creativity games within this app help your child build motor skills and improve memory, while encouraging self expression through self directed play.
  3. iReward (Grembe Inc.) This app brings positive reinforcement to your phone! Have your child earn rewards for completing tasks and good behavior. The child can track their progress and word towards accomplishing their goal.
  4. Your Turn Kid Timer (Blue Vire)  The above apps are great, but when you have more than one child using your phone or iPad it can create more chaos than peace! This app will give each child a user ID and you can control the time each user has with the phone. Once the set time limit has been reached, an alert pops up telling the child their turn is over and it is now the next persons turn!

Stephanie Burstien, BA is a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern and Child and DBT coach at Therapeutic Oasis of the Palm Beaches in Delray Beach, Florida.