by Kristina Bergman

Everybody, regardless of color, shape, or size is born with a metabolism.  It breaks things down—so we may have the energy to do the things we love—and it also builds things up—so our cuts may heal fast and our hearts may beat strong.  Certainly, the unseen reactions that compose our metabolic pathways are fundamental to our very existence.  However intricate and complex, this innate system of “breaking down” and “building up” only requires one conscious effort from each of us: to consume the nutrients it requires to keep the system running.  All three of the macronutrients play countless essential roles: protein is converted into the enzymes that metabolize carbohydrates into usable energy and fats/lipids into the compounds that create our hormones and strengthen our minds.  Our bodies are made of countless interconnected, interdependent systems, each relying on an adequate intake of protein, carbohydrate and fat.  Our metabolism knows it needs these things to keep us going.  So, in the midst of continuous, devoted effort, it speaks to us.  When it needs fuel, it tell us to be hungry—so that we may seek its nutrients—and when it has all it needs, it tells us to feel satiated—so that it can work its scientific magic.  Our brilliant metabolism naturally tells us what to do; all we have to do…is listen.

 By Kr