Patty Shutt, Psy.D.

Tackling issues and problems in our life can require us to move toward the “storms” of conflict, emotions, and uncertainty. Here at the Oasis we want our clients to be prepared for these storms by developing the tools needed to weather the rough seas. In individual sessions and groups like DBT, we encourage the practice of mindfulness. One important tool in the practice of mindfulness is the “anchor”. The anchor is used to bring awareness back to the present moment when our mind begins to wander or become distracted. This is especially helpful for those dealing with anxiety, eating disorders or addiction. An anchor can be a physical sensation, your breath or a favorite for many of our clients, a mantram! An anchor can be used not only during a meditation practice, but also in everyday life when the weather gets rough, to help us feel secure while the storm passes. A sailor would never go out to the open ocean without an anchor or other important safety and navigation tools – and neither should you.

To learn more about developing the tools to safely navigate the deep waters of strong and difficult emotions, ask about DBT Skills Group at the Therapeutic Oasis and/or Beginning Mindfulness Meditation at Sacred Treehouse.