by Kristina Bergman 

As a South Floridian in the summertime, you know this all too well: whether you’re taking the dog out for a walk, or just trying to get from the front door to the car, it’s nearly impossible to be outside without breaking a sweat!  Sweating out water and other nutrients can leave us feeling tired and dehydrated, which can ruin our summer fun.  Thankfully, Mother Nature doesn’t want us to melt!  To help endure the grueling heat, we’re offered an abundance of the perfect thing to keep us hydrated and full of energy: fruit!  Full of water, vitamins and even fiber, fruit can help us beat the heat and enjoy the summery flavors we love. Cherries, nectarines, berries, honeydew, peaches and plums are all in season.  You can always enjoy fruit on its own or incorporated into your favorite dishes to give them a summer twist: try topping your oatmeal or cereal with berries or slicing up pears or mangos for a salad.  So if you’re feeling the heat this summer, “Don’t sweat it!”  Remember that fruit is a nice refresher.