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We Get It

Whether you need therapy to help adjust to a recent life change or are battling chronic depression, PTSD, or an eating disorder, where you turn to for help can make all the difference.  We understand that the suffering is real.  Just because it can’t be seen on the outside doesn’t make it any less painful. That is why we are here.

At Therapeutic Oasis, we see things differently – we don’t treat conditions, we treat people. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or any number of mental health concerns,  we invite you to connect with our authentic and compassionate team of professional therapists.

Weekly or twice-weekly counseling sessions with your therapist will help you find both clarity and comfort.  Building on a foundation of trust and kindness, your Oasis therapist will help you develop a comprehensive healing plan based on your dreams, goals and values. As you walk the path to wellness, you will discover your inner strength and the confidence to thrive.  

You deserve to live life with joy.

A qualified therapist that’s right for you.

We treat individuals throughout the lifespan, so if you are 5 or 85, we have an amazing therapist for you.

Each of our therapists have unique professional experiences and diverse education qualifications. While they have taken different paths, they are united in their authentic passion for creating a meaningful connection with their clients and a determination to empower them to live their best lives.  

Our caring team of experts includes:  

    • Licensed Psychologists
    • Licensed Mental Health Counselors
    • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists
    • Licensed Clinical Social Workers
    • Registered Interns

In Person Therapy and Telehealth

Individual counseling with an experienced therapist is the cornerstone of the healing process. While we believe nothing can replace the comfort and connection of an in-person appointment, sometimes your busy schedule can get in the way.  At Oasis, we are flexible.  All of our licensed therapists offer virtual appointments* over a secure connection. 

*Telehealth offered when clinically appropriate.

Types of Therapy

Oasis therapists take a holistic approach to therapy.  That means, although they have experience and certifications in a variety of different therapeutic methods, they tailor their approach to fit the current needs of their Client. There are dozens of different types of therapy and most professional therapists are familiar with several types of therapy. Oasis therapists are trained and certified in many therapeutic methods including:

About Group Therapy 

Group therapy is an excellent complement to one-on-one therapy where Clients feel understood, learn skills and find support.  Individual Therapists recommend group therapy  based upon the needs of their Client. Oasis offers a variety of topic-specific and demographic specific groups throughout the year. Participation in group therapy requires weekly or bi-weekly individual therapy with an Oasis therapist.

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Tips for Finding the Right Therapist

Individual therapy is not always comfortable, but the best therapists are sensitive to where you are in your healing process.  Your therapist should make you feel understood, respect your time, validate your feelings and meet you where you are without judgment.  

While you are looking for a therapist, don’t forget the ABC’s:

Ask for recommendations from your current health-care providers, school guidance office, trusted friends, and clergy members.

Brief phone consultation.  Most therapists will offer a brief 5-10 minute phone call to see if you will be a good match. 

Check the Florida Department of Health for their current license status

Some good questions to ask your therapist…

  • What is your training and education?
  • What are your specialties, do you have any special certifications?
  • How long have you been practicing?
  • How long have you been treating clients with my condition?
  • What does progress look like?
  • What are the office hours?
  • Will I have “homework”?
  • What are your fees and insurance options?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • Don’t forget to talk about any specific criteria you have such as trauma sensitivity, gender identity, faith or other values that are important for you.