Family and Couples Therapy

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Nothing can inspire, aggravate, elate, or frustrate us more than the relationships we have with the people we love. When our relationships are in jeopardy or damaged, a wise and neutral counselor is your greatest asset. Our skilled couples and family therapists are experienced in bringing people together and finding common ground.


Family Therapy

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Family relationships have a powerful impact on our overall health and wellbeing, and when the family system breaks down, everyone can suffer.  At Oasis, we understand the complexities faced by families today. Our highly qualified and experienced family therapy providers help each family member examine their personal role within the dynamic, encouraging each member of the family to explore their abilities to contribute to a positive resolution. 

Every family is dynamic in nature, and so is family therapy.  Our team carefully determines the structure of family therapy based on the system and the needs of each member. We have therapists that will join with the family as an educator, family coach, or counselor, depending on the level of intervention required.

DBT Multi-Family Group

Numerous studies have shown that DBT is an effective treatment for families of teens leading to improved family functioning,  parent-teen communication skills, and problem solving. At Therapeutic Oasis, the family is an essential part of the DBT Treatment Program for Teens.  At least one parent is required, and all family members are encouraged to participate and support the teen during the process.

Structural Family Systems Therapy

The family is more than a collection of separate individuals, rather it is a system that works together, moves together, and can get “stuck” together. If one individual in a system breaks down, the entire system feels the ripple. Systemic approaches to therapy facilitate the opportunity for participants to recognize their part and place in their system. Often gaining an understanding alone alleviates symptoms and behaviors occurring within the family and its members. The efficacy of systemic approaches has been clinically proven to benefit the whole family as well as each of its members. Truly, a change in one family member ultimately evokes change in others. Your Therapeutic Oasis Family therapist will seek to understand the context and individuality that defines your family while applying a DBT theoretical approach to ensure the safety of every participating family member.

Family Support 

In addition to family therapy, we offer a continuum of resources and treatment for families which include education, coaching, support groups, and intensive therapy to help each family member face adversity with strength and peace. Although families often feel out of control when it comes to dealing with a crisis, there are many ways to support each other. Here are a few important ways families can take part in treatment:

Providing Information

Parents and other family members often provide history and information that allows for a truly holistic treatment approach. Each unit of the family is viewed as an important part of the family therapy treatment “team” and we encourage everyone to take part in sessions and groups. 


The most basic level of family therapy intervention is to help families understand the complexity of issues through psycho-education. Education is provided through therapy groups, support groups and individual therapy and coaching. Through education, family members can learn to support, while still taking care of themselves. 

Communication Coaching

It can often feel like you and your loved one are speaking a completely different language! While this is often the case, family members are provided with education, coaching and skill building in the areas of assertive communication, boundary setting, and effective relationship development. Furthermore, family members can learn to be aware of unproductive patterns of interaction.

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Couples Therapy – Marriage Counseling

Couples therapy is not only for married people, any two individuals hoping to improve their relationship can participate.  

Couples Therapy (also known as Marriage Therapy or Marriage Counseling) is a type of therapy that helps couples improve their relationship and resolve conflicts.  The goal of couples therapy is to help couples understand and overcome the challenges in their relationship so that they can improve communication, deepen their connection, and build a stronger and healthier relationship.

During this type of relationship therapy, couples typically meet with a therapist who will help them identify the issues in their relationship and develop strategies for addressing and resolving those issues.  The therapist will often use a variety of techniques and approaches to help the couple improve communication, manage emotions and develop a more positive and supportive relationship.

Some common techniques used in couples therapy include active listening, reflection and communication skill training.  The therapist may also use techniques such as role-playing and problem-solving exercises to help the couple learn how to work through conflicts and difficult situations in a healthy and productive way.

Types of Couples Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT): This type of therapy focuses on helping couples change negative thought patterns and behaviors that may be damaging their relationship.

Emotionally focused therapy (EFT): helps couples identify and express their emotions in a healthy way and teaches them how to better support and understand each other.

Imago therapy: focuses on helping couples improve their communication and build a stronger emotional connection.

Structural therapy: this type of therapy helps couples improve their relationship by addressing power imbalances and other underlying issues.

Family system therapy: focus on the relationships between family members and how those relationships impact the couple’s relationship.

A good therapist will identify the type of therapy that will be most effective

The Best Marriage Counselor is…

Trained & experienced – a good couples therapist should have the necessary training and experience to effectively help couples improve their relationship. This may include a degree in psychology or a related field as well as specialized training in couples therapy.

Empathetic and understanding – be able to show empathy and understanding towards both members of the couple, and be able to help them feel heard and supported.

Objective – remain objective and unbiased, and not take sides or favor one member of the couple over the other.

Effective communicator – be able to clearly and effectively explain concepts and strategies to the couple.

Flexible – adapt their approach to the unique needs and goals of each couple and be willing to try different techniques and strategies if necessary.